Why A Green Sign?

Help 911 Dispatchers Find You

Green address signs help visitors and residents identify the proper address if they call 911. Emergency care could be delayed if 911 or the caller aren’t sure of the address.

Help Island EMS Find You

Clearly identified property numbers at the entrances to your home or business will expedite travel to the location in the event of an emergency. When patient outcomes are a race against the clock, finding your address quickly can truly be a matter of life and death.

How to Obtain A Green Address Sign?

Call or Visit McDonough's Market

Green address signs are available for purchase through the Beaver Island Fire Department Auxiliary (BIFDA) for $35.00. The sign includes the address number on both sides, a metal post, and hardware to assemble. Call or stop by McDonough’s Market and speak with Tim or Jim, phone (231) 448-2733 to place an order.